Tattoos And Body Of Tattoos Essay

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Tattoos and body pierced has been in our society for many years. Back then when tattoos was not a thing, many culture and religion used to inked their skin. In 1920s tattoos was common on prisoner, sailor, bikers, and that is why a huge part of of the population does not accept tattoos. Now, these days the art of tattoos is increasing, making a lot of money every year. These days people are getting more and more tattoos, making themselves addicted to it. Body art is used by people to express their personal style, to beauty themselves or just because that piece of art means something to that person. Some people think that tattoos are for delinquents, but the delinquent can save your life, what I means is some doctors have tattoos. It has become more general the used of tattoos in these days, and people are started to see tattoo as art not as a mark. Body Art Tattoo: Practice of marking the body skin with a permanent legends, patterns, pictures, by making punctures in the skin inserting a pigments. In today’s world you go out and look around, and you are bound to catch someone with a tattoo in the neck, ankle or just in visible body part. Look around a yoga class or in the beach, just in places where the population tends to have skim clothe, practically you are guaranteed to see a lot of ink in the legs, arms, shoulders and, also in the lower back. Many people use tattoo to express their personal style. But, where they came from?. When tattoo started?
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