Tattoos And Its Effects On Society

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In the past to get a tattoo you would have to go to a shady shack in the bad side of town where you would be greeted by a dark smoky room and a man that looks like he is about to stab you. After proving your worth by not bursting into tears you would haggle a price you want to pay and he would begin tattooing you while smoking a cigarette and ashing all over your open wound. Today getting a tattoo is a much more enjoyable thing to do you go to a clean shop and everything is sterile. I have been in some tattoo shops that are cleaner than hospitals. Around the same time that tattoos were very dangerous you could have as many as you wanted and join the military. There is a long history of tattoos in the military, Sailors would get certain tattoos that signified where they were stationed. Soldiers in the army would get tattoos representing their units, and the most sacred of all military tattoos when they have lost a brother in combat. I believe that the government should let soldiers have tattoos below their elbows and below their knees because, tattoos are very mainstream, they are trained killers, most of the military has tattoos that would make them ineligible for reenlistment, it is one of the last ways soldiers can show self expression in the military, and tattoos have such a rich history in the military. I don’t see why soldiers having tattoos above the wrist and below the neck would be off limits. Every day men and women cycle through basic training where they are
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