Tattoos And Its Effects On Society

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Tattoos are a very trendy and fun way to express yourself. I myself have several tattoos and as much as I love my tattoos I was horrified to get them. I constantly get asked why I get tattoos or that I will regret them when I get older. Some people dont understand that to me, my tattoos mean more then just pretty art. They are a vivid remider of the reason I got them in the first place. Like the tattoo I got as a reminder of the pain and heartbreak I went through when my father passed away. The tattoo is of a day of the dead girl with her beating heart outside her chest. The reason I am writing this paper is to show people who dont understand how tattoos mean more then just ink in the skin. What I already know about tattoos is that there…show more content…
Things began to get interesting when I found out that the oldest tattoo was from 2000 B.C. I never even imagined tattoos where as old as they are. Some of the problems I ran into was finding very specific information like who the first people to get tattoos where. I also couldn’t find why tattoos where banned by the leader of Rome. One of the major breakthroughs in my paper was finding out that when you get a tattoo your skin gets punctured up to 3000 times. Section III: What I Have Learned. A fact people don’t know is that “the word tattoo came from a Tahitian word “tatau which means to hit or strike” (Baker 1). Many people don’t know that tattoos are a very old, and in many places a cultural, tradition. People have been tattooing their bodies for thousands of years with some of the oldest tattoos dating back to 2000 B.C. At one point in time, tattoos were even banned by a ruler in Rome back in ancient times. There is a tattooed mummy that was found in 1990 on the Austrian border. The mummy named “otzi” is believed to be from 3300 BCE. This proves that tattoos have been around for centuries. The Egyptian females who got tattoos were called “dancing girls” even Amunet, one of the high priestess, had tattoos. These are permanent markings that people get to represent “amulets, status symbols, signs of religious beliefs, and even forms punishment” (Lineberry 1). Nowadays people get tattoos that are meaningful to them such
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