Tattoos : Culture And Culture

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There are different aspects of every culture and the American culture is no different. One of the aspects of American culture is the tattoo. Tattoos have been around for centuries, they are also part of other cultures and appeal to a broad variety of people. Tattoos became part of American culture through cultural diffusion, which is where one culture shares its culture with another through direct contact. Recently tattoos have re-assimilated into American culture and society by first being associated with deviant behavior and rejected by the mainstream culture to being accepted and popular in the mainstream culture due to its recent association with fashion. The etic perspective or the outside view varies because outside cultures, both agree and disagree with tattoos. Before tattoos were incorporated into American culture, they were part of other cultures. Therefore, the cultures and countries that have tattoos as a part of their culture are more accepting of the tattoo culture in America. However, not everyone in these cultures approves of tattoos becoming part of American culture because they see it as disrespectful and offensive to their culture. The reason for this is several pro-tattoo Americans only appreciate tattoos for their use in body art instead of their symbolic meaning to other cultures. These Americans just attribute tattoos to identity formation and fashion. They are offended because Americans do not understand the actual culture and significance around
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