Tattoos : Self Expression Or Approval?

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Tattoos: Self Expression or Approval? Ink that is normally used on paper is submerged into layers of my skin. While staring at the permanent feature, I wonder was this a way of me expressing myself using my body, or the approval of myself and others? At the age of fourteen, preteen girls are normally focused on buying the latest purses or shoes, but that was not the case for me. Throughout my first year of high school my mind was solely set on getting a tattoo. Being so young, my mother was very hesitant to allow me to permanently ink my skin. However, when I was ten, I went against my mother’s word by getting my second hole on my ears pierced even after she advised against it. Knowing my determination in getting the things I want, she made a deal with me. The deal being that I had to take a full year to consider the tattoo and if I was still fixed on it she would allow me. As the year passed, I had only one idea in mind that never changed. I wanted the tattoo to be meaningful and something I would not regret. The idea of this being permanent, unchangeable, and forever on my skin for the rest of my life was fearful. Growing up my mother had sayings for my brother and I that was written in every text and inscribed in every card. “Stay Sweet”, two words that have been engraved in my head since before I could speak. It was clear, without hesitation, that I was ready to have these words also engraved in my skin. Almost four years later and I wonder what did this small form of
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