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The Need to Know About Tattoos Tattoos are not just putting ink into your skin there’s a lot more behind it. Such as the meaning of the tattoo, the origins of tattoos, how to care for a tattoo, where to get that tattoo, and the understanding that this decision to get a tattoo is permanent. There is a long timeline for tattoos that stretch back to early history, since the the meaning, method and understanding of tattoos have completely changed. Some of the first tattoos that were ever found on mummified or preserved bodies date back to an estimated three thousand B.C. The oldest tattoos to date are found on Otzi (The Iceman) who was said to of died 5,300 years ago, archaeologists found sixty one tattoos on the corpse but they were not ordinary tattoos. The Iceman had line tattoos on places that caused him pain. Because tattoos used to be a form of therapy. It started with a fine incision and then they proceeded to rub charcoal into the cut. These different symbols have evolved in just about every section of history. The change from the Egyptians, and their story telling through tattoos to the Romans and Greeks tattooing their slaves. The way tattoos are seen and done have come a long way. Barley Pg2 In three hundred B.C. tattoos had a negative meaning in Japan but by the end of the 1600’s tattoos in japan where a flourishing art. In today 's society tattoos are not for what jump

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