Tattoos and Body Piercings as and Art Form

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Ashley Beth Logan Manuscript Speech D. Webb Speech 106 Tattoos and Body Piercings Good evening. I would like to start by asking how many of you have a tattoo or piercing other than your ears. Did you know that in most work environments, you are usually not even considered for employment if you’re tattoo or piercing is visible during the interview? I am one of the many people who believe tattoos and body piercings are a form of self expression. However, there are still that few out there who think they are nothing but self destructing. According to the first amendment, we have the God given right to express ourselves however we choose. I have personally taken an interest in piercings and tattoos. They are beautiful, and it takes a …show more content…
Therefore, I still firmly stand by my belief that “only God can judge me”. I’m the one who has die when it’s my time. It’s my judgment day. God will do with me what he pleases when that time comes. I would also like to state that tattoos and piercings are no where near as deviant and sinful as people sometimes make them out to be. If tattoos and piercings are the only thing considered wrong with today’s society, we would be very lucky. Some people might think that those who have tattoos and piercings on themselves are bad people, but that is not the case. Judging someone solely on their appearance would be more sinful than actually having a tattoo or piercing yourself. Don’t be so quick to jump to a conclusion about someone by something on their body. If you would just take the time to observe and listen, you may could actually learn a lot or at least have a good laugh. In conclusion, I would like to think that I have opened everyone’s mind to the idea of accepting these types of body art. It’s not a crime to express yourself whether it’s the way you dress, the way you talk, or what you get put on your body. I just think it’s so wrong to ask someone to take out or cover something up that has such a powerful meaning to them. All I ask is that next time you sit beside or talk to someone who has a tattoo or piercing, don’t be so fast to think “what the hell?” Remember, everyone has a story and that tattoo or piercing may
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