Tattoos in the Workplace Essay

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Tattoos in the Workplace Christina Responsive-Final Draft April 4, 2013 There is always a lot of controversy when it comes to tattoos. Most people instantly have an opinion of them; they are either for or against tattoos. What is not realized is the fact that there is a ton of time and effort put into the sketching and placement of a tattoo. People tattoo themselves as a way of self-expression and liberation. Unfortunately, in the business world, most executives do not believe there is such a thing as a tasteful tattoo and see them as a sign of rebellion. Some people may argue that tattoos in the workplace are inappropriate, unprofessional, and even distracting. Although tattoos are not respected by certain demographics and may…show more content…
Tattoos can cause more chaos than necessary when it comes to the workplace. However, people should not be denied a career because of the art they have on their bodies. Just because an individual has tattoos does not mean they are unprofessional or unworthy of a high-paying job. Colleges do not deny people an education because they have tattoos. If a person with tattoos has a higher education and a better background than someone without tattoos who is going for the same job, then the person with tattoos should get the job. But due to the nature of businesses, the person with less experience would most likely be the candidate picked based on appearance. In the workplace, when people look at someone that is covered in tattoos they automatically discriminate against this person. It is almost as if they think that image determines their demeanor and professionalism. This person can be the most courteous and professional person in the world, but no one would ever know because this person was not given a chance due to their appearance and the judgment of others. Most people in the business world think that if a person is inked they also have a poor education, which I believe to be contradictory. Artists are not often said to be uneducated, if anything, they are said to be inspirational and are
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