Tattoos in the work place

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Tattoos in the work place Today in America there is less problems having tattoos in the work place. As tattoos proliferate, some employers’ are becoming more accepting of body ink peeking through work place attire but the level of acceptance varies depending the industry and the corporate cultural. The work force is more interested in your educational skills and skills for the job. Tattoo policies can vary from one office to the next the argument being that tattoos and certain hair do’s or certain garments can be a very big distraction to many coworkers and customers. Depending on how visible and how offensive the tattoo is. When it comes down to tattoos in the workplace it just really come…show more content…
“The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in November that "obtaining a tattoo, applying a tattoo and engaging in the business of tattooing are exercises of free speech entitled to protection as a fundamental right under the Arizona Constitution and the United States Constitution." My opinion is that Arizona should have not passes the amendment to protect tattoos in the work place I would not want to see something offensive and especially offensive to my customers, I personally hope they don’t pass this amendment anywhere else. Certain employers especially the careers that want you to dress up nice and wear a suit like people in retail employers won’t hire someone with tattoos. Employers will look for someone that doesn’t have tattoos or very few. People with Tattoos on the face and neck and especially tattoos that are offensive won’t land a good paying job most likely they will get a job at a fast food place or a job that allows visible tattoos. I have two tattoos on my neck I got them done when I was eighteen years old. I thought I wanted to be a bad boy the tattoos I have on my neck are offensive my tattoos say charged and convicted. I got the tattoo done when I got in trouble with the law for the first time. I have had interviews since I got the tattoo I have had the tattoo five years now and every time I go in for an interview I get turned down and then I wonder why I got turned out maybe it’s because of my tattoos and my criminal background that throws a barrier in the

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