Tattoos on the heart

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“Father Greg Boyle, Endless Fogiveness” In “Tattoos on the Heart,” by Gregory Boyle, Boyle experiences how to deal with gangs. The novel, a compelling story about gang violence and one man’s response towards giving those buried within it, tells a story of gang members working for a chance of redemption and solace. Can others be seen as fathers or even as a role models when gang life is such a large force in their lives? Through the story gangbangers that try to change themselves for the pursuit of a better future and a desire to succeed and escape gang life, Boyle tells an emotional, human story about life in the Los Angeles barrios. Boyle characteristics represent him as a father for three gang bangers: Joey Cesar, and Scrappy. While…show more content…
The fact is that they all relate as evidence they look up to Boyle as fatherly role model, a honest person and a person who can help them change. According to their own life with their fathers, they did not have a good experience. Not having someone giving love and being there for them, made them join the gang. After they meet Boyle they realized of having a fatherly person, someone who cares about them in their life. They see the amount of trust he has in them for them to succeed in life. There is intimacy between the relationship among Boyle and themselves. They all have honesty among each other. Seeing Boyle the way he nurtures everyone and how he helps them, they want to change themselves and want to become like him. They see him as a father and want to become like their father because of the way they earned respect from him and love as well. My father is some who has sacrificed a lot of his lifetime. My father has never let an opportunity go and has never allowed any time to go to waste when it came to his own prosperity or his children’s. The fact is he didn’t attend my races or even be part of special occasions, but he always made it up to me by using financial resources to support me and my interests. He always use to give me money before my big races so if I ever got hungry, I would have something to eat. Moreover, even though he works everyday he takes time out to spend quality time with my brothers and I from his busy schedule. Instead of siting o

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