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Tatum was my best friend, and she is gone now, and I can’t do anything about it except to tell you who she was to me and why she is gone.

Tatum Lynn Syhlman, age 6, was my Best friend. Tatum would do things with me, like riding bikes, or sneaking out onto the roof of the house with me during the middle of the night in the summer, just to watch the stars. Then she would fall asleep and I would take her inside, and put her to bed. She was my other half, and she was my sister, and now she is gone, and has taken a part of me with her. A part that I will never get back. I regret any time that I was ever mean to her, and I love her so much, and I hope she knows that I will never stop thinking of her during any part of any day. She is always on my mind, and she always will be. Looking back, I can remember when we were riding the 4-Wheeler once(I was driving, obviously), and we accidently hit the neighbor’s fence, and drove over it. It was a little scary, but it was funny, because then after that, I was banned from driving the 4-wheeler without supervision, so we came up with a game. It was called 4-wheeler safety. It was funny, because I would joke around while teaching it, and then she would laugh her butt off, which would then make me smile because she had one of those contagious laughs. Her laugh was so contagious, it would make
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She left before I had the possibility to. It wasn’t her choice, it was her mom’s. My step-mom, Cassie, she was not nice. Tatum had to have gotten all of her beautiful traits from her biological father because Cassie was like an evil witch, coming to steal your happiness. Her and my dad got in a divorce after 3 ½ years of a non-stop war/marriage. They never stopped yelling at each other, which is what caused everything to go down the way it did. Now, 1 ½ years into the divorce, I haven’t seen Tatum for
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