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The topic of the report is an exploration of a career option and a Tax Auditor at Canada Revenue Agency. The purposes of this report are to not only prepare myself for the position by examining and learning but also introduce a different field of work to colleagues
All residents in Canada must pay a tax and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), formally known as Revenue Canada, is a federal agency that has as its main function the administration of Canadian tax laws for most of the provinces and territories of Canada. In addition, the CRA manages several social and economic tax programs such as the Canada Child Tax Benefit program and the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) credit program. There are several
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2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
AU Developmental 44990 57926 With Intermediates Steps
AU1 53504 55708 57926 60141 62361 64579 66799 69534
AU2 63779 65972 68165 70361 72553 74746 76937 79920
AU3 73098 75831 78433 81031 83630 86627 88825 -
AU4 82461 85446 88380 91319 94261 97198 100138 -
AU5 91725 94713 97699 100685 103672 106655 100638 -
AU6 100659 103976 107294 110617 113938 117258 120577 - Table 1: Pay Rates (Canada Revenue Agency)
4.2. Benefits (Canada Revenue Agency)
• A package of group benefits which include health, dental, and disability insurance plans
• Benefits after retirement
 Entitled in the form of a Monthly pension
 Continue the Public Service Health Care Plan(PSHCP)
 Keep the group benefits
• Continuous Learning
 For employees who want to upgrade or acquire new knowledge and skills related to career goals and departmental priorities, the Educational Assistance Policy is available

5. Career Advancement
Lots of opportunities are available within the tax departments after obtaining the knowledge of taxation and experiences. As the range of salary searched, there are seven levels in Auditing positions and each has two to eight steps to be promoted. We also work on different sections such as oil and gas, small business and farmers, and special investigations regarding tax fraud and avoidance. There are formal training and development programs including the Internal Recruitment Apprenticeship Program and Middle Management
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