Tax Deductibles

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In today’s day and age, individuals or corporations with a lot of money generally have a lot of power in the government. This is because money is synonymous with influence in the government. Corporations and wealthy individuals have recently started expanding their influence to encompass the education system. As talked about in scholarly articles, this corporate takeover is the biggest threat to the education system, mainly because “[as] funding for public education shrink[s], the influence of these wealth reformers [grows].” (Kumashiro, 1). These corporations and individuals that come into these positions of power within the education system actually have “...neither scholarly nor practical expertise in education…” (Kumashiro, 1). WIth people…show more content…
Donating to schools serves two purposes for wealth corporations. The first purpose is that donating to a help a charity or to help a school looks good. The second, and arguably the main, reason why corporations donate money to schools is because the donations make the corporations for tax deductibles. The schools get money and the corporations helping the schools get tax deductibles, so it seems that everyone is winning. The corporations are winning on a very substantial levels whereas the schools are winning on a very superficial level. Schools get an increase in funding from these corporations, but there are many caveats as to how the schools can use the money. The corporations dictate what the schools have to buy with the money and from whom they buy the materials from. The tax deductibles also lead to a decrease in the tax money that would go back into improving the education system in a way that was voted on by the people. In effect, the reason that schools can not provide for students is “...caused in large part by dramatically decreasing taxes paid by corporations and the wealthy...” (Kumashiro, 1). Tax deductibles lead to schools that are not financially capable of providing an environment that nurtures maximum learning and
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