Tax Evasion Is An Illegal Evasion Of Taxes By Trusts, Corporations, And Individuals

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An organized country and government owes a lot of fundamental obligation to the people it governs. These obligations can take many forms like basic social amenities such good roads, health, security of lives and properties, shelters, good water, retirement system…etc.
So the government applies taxes on its citizens to pursue the above stated objectives it owns to the people.
The citizens of Lebanon living under the guardianship of the government owe also the government many obligations, such as paying taxes…
Tax according to C.S Ola is defined as: “non punitive yet compulsory levy on the income and properties of individuals and organizations by government and which it does not account for, the proceeds from the levy on trade the government uses to pursue the accomplishment of some social, economic and political objective in the interests of its citizens”
The tax evasion is the subject matter of this work. Knowing that tax evasion is an illegal evasion of taxes by trusts, corporations and individuals. Tax evasion usually when the taxpayers misrepresent the true state of affairs to the tax authorities to minimize their tax liability and may include also dishonest tax reporting, such as declaring less income, profits, or gains than the amounts actually earned, or they can do it in another way like overstating deduction.
In Lebanon, the citizens have an uncooperative and unprogressive attitude towards tax payment. But obviously it is an agreed fact, that payment and collecting

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