Tax Money For Social Programs

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he United States in one of the least taxed countries in the world. But many in America feel that we are being taxed to much. With that being said we have to look at where these tax dollars are going to get the fair idea of why and what taxes do. The government is not self financing so the money for social programs must come from some where. Taxation can be defined as being a means of collecting money from citizens and businesses within the country to support its operations. The Affirmative State is a state that provides a wide range of public good and services and plays an active role in solving social problems and advancing public purposes. Looking at taxes they do two things: first the taxation is the public taking resources from the private. Second: Taxation is is the division of the economic pie between the private and the public shares(Wright and Rogers). People can get there income from various sources such as earning a wage from a job or investments, winning a lottery, or owning their own business. When people who are working for a living earning a wage part of that earnings is taken out in the form of taxes. To the workers earning this money to them it is private property but there is also the obligation for them to pay taxes on services and goods they may use. Some also view it as a violation of one 's freedom and liberty and feel that these taxes can be unjustified when they do not approve of what these taxes are used for. Everyone in this country should be…
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