Tax Policies, Health Care, And Crime And Capital Punishment

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In 1860 the republican party sprang to life to compete against the Democratic parties, and this really lit the fire for the different viewpoints for the United States of America with Laws and rules. For decades people chose different sides, for which parties they believed offered the best ideas and laws. Matching the two parties side by side actually gives you in-depth details on the three main topics in this essay, which is Tax policies, Health Care, and Crime and Capital Punishment. People always have different viewpoints on how they believe laws and rules should be carried out. That is why it is good to have two different sides giving you their main points and ideas. These two parties always compete in elections to get representatives into offices, and the reason being is so they can have some extra support when trying to pass laws and rules in the United States. The differences between the two parties for taxes policies are significantly different in many ways. The Republicans believe there should be tax cuts for everyone, both corporations and people of all income levels. This gives everyone a fair chance in society. This also helps people that are trying to open their own business for the chance of success. Democrats tax policies in the United States believe that middle class and the lower income family should have tax cuts, but they should be higher on corporations or wealthy individuals. This might help the lower class citizens with lowering the taxes. By doing
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