Tax Proposal Analysis

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On November 9 the Senate Republicans unveiled a tax plan that will reduce individual tax rates across the board and will bring relief to low and to middle income families. It will bring down corporate tax rates. It will modernize the international tax system. “It's a great day in moving in the right direction for middle income tax cuts,” says Steve Mnuchin.

Amendment 16 talks about how Congress has power to collect tax on incomes. They can collect tax from anywhere the money was made without giving it to other states.

This article connects to the Sixteenth Amendment because Amendment 16 says that Congress can apply a income tax and the Senate is writing a new way to do that. The Senate proposal will make the taxes less for lower and
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The White House said Trump was not fixated on his past success or on the investigation shadowing his
Administration. They said he focuses on that the stock market hit a record high and the unemployment hit a record low. They say that over the next seven years the President plans to keep his promises he made to the American people.

Amendment 12 says that each state has electors. The president is actually elected by the electors. Through a very regulated process the electors vote for the president by ballets based on the how the people in their state voted. Amendment 12 also changed the system from one where the vice president was the presidential candidate with the second most votes to what it is now, a candidate who runs for vice president on a ticket with the president.

The article is about how Trump goes on and on about how he won the election because he won the electoral vote. The election was so close and he won the electoral vote, but not the popular vote. Amendment 12 is about how the electoral college votes. Trump won the electoral college, but he did not win the popular vote.

In this news article is a story about how in Finland on August 18, 2017 a man stabbed eight people and killed two. This man attacked the people in Finland's western city of Turku. The man killed two people right before police got him and shot him in the thigh. The top police chief of Finland said “it is too early to link the attacker to any international terrorism.”

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