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Module 7 Individuals (AT)

Advanced Taxation
Module 7 Individuals
Question 1
On 1 August 2010, Robinson, an Australian resident and charitable worker employed with a recognised nongovernment organisation, White Cross, was transferred to Papua New Guinea for nine months. During this time, he was paid $60 000 from the employer’s parent company in Papua New Guinea and tax was paid on this salary.
For the remaining part of the year, he received $10 000 as salary from White Cross in Australia. Robinson’s only other income for the year was the receipt of a dividend cheque from ICI England Ltd for $850; $150 withholding tax had been deducted.
The amount of Robinson’s taxable income in Australia for the year ending 30 June 2011 is:
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$11 520.
$22 995.
$24 727.
$31 125.

Semester 2, 2011

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Module 7 Individuals (AT)

Question 8
Megan Cluey, aged 22, arrived in Australia on 12 October 2010 to take up permanent residence. Three months later, on 15 January 2011, she commenced her first real job when she joined Green Point Ltd—an environmentally aware oil company. Her income from Green Point for the year ended 30 June 2011 was $16 500.
Ignoring the effects of the Medicare levy and assuming she had no other income, what is Megan’s net tax payable for the year ended 30 June 2011?


Question 9
Hard Luck Harry has had a pretty rough year. It seems that almost every week he was taking his wife or children or relatives to the doctor or dentist for some form of treatment. During the year ending 30 June 2011, he incurred the following medical expenses net of any reimbursement. s s s s s s

$550 having a cut stitched when his 26-year-old son ran into a tree on his roller blades.
$400 having his 20-year-old daughter’s tooth reset after it was knocked out in a hockey game.
$1600 emergency surgery on his wife to remove a splinter from her eye.
$100 motor vehicle expenses in driving his children and wife to the hospital/dentist.
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