Taxation On Entrepreneurs Should Not Be Changed

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For example, the law being practiced currently, regarding taxation on entrepreneurs should be changed. Entrepreneurs should not have to pay taxes for the first year so that they can stand on their feet once and after that they should be worrying about the burden of taxes. The following measures are necessary to promote entrepreneurship: • Backing or help intrigued business visionaries and little entrepreneurs in their endeavors to reinforce and fabricate systems of business visionaries. • Go past systems administration. Hold occasions that are important to and cover data for the members and motivate communication among them. Welcome a couple of business people or entrepreneurs to talk about the present condition of their business and…show more content…
Make an appreciated situation for all foreigners and grasp ethnic assorted qualities keeping in mind the end goal to draw in occupation making settler business visionaries. • Set objectives and keep tabs on your development of entrepreneurial ventures over the years. Recommendations: Formulating National Entrepreneurship Strategy Fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems and developing a national entrepreneurial strategy is easier said than done. Here are some steps for formulation a National Entrepreneurship Strategy that the government can use. • Identify country specific challenges Map the current status of entrepreneurship in the country and identify country-specific entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges • Specify Goals and set priorities Define strategies to achieve specific goals and reach specific target groups. Develop and prioritize actions. • Ensure coherence of entrepreneurship strategy with other national policies Align entrepreneurship strategies with overall development strategy and other private sector development strategies. Manage interaction and create policy synergies. • Strengthen the institutional framework Designate a lead institution. Set up an effective inter-agency coordination mechanism and clarify mandates. Engage with the private sector and other stakeholders. Ensure business-like service delivery. • Measure results, ensure policy learning Define clear performance indicators and monitor impact. Set up independent monitoring and
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