Taxation System Is Outdated And Unfair Today

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Unfair Taxation System The current taxation system is outdated and unfair today in America. This is a major issue in the United States in any case; a few individuals fail to realize that. The taxation system is currently composed around three major classes which are the high class, the middle class, and the lower class. Each class system is designed to decide their taxation livelihoods, income stability, and their qualities. Although, each class system is setup different through their income stability, they all have a form of relationship with the taxation system. The taxation system is unfair and outdated because the government takes money, the government has no accountability, and taxes are very expensive. One reason why the…show more content…
However, these programs can be beneficial to the individuals that really need the government’s help. Secondly, the taxation system is unfair and outdated because, the wealthy people pay fewer taxes than the others. This is not fair to the other classes. According to Joseph Carroll, “A strong majority of Americans believe upper-income people and corporations pay too little in federal income taxes” (Carroll 1). Wealthy people make millions of dollars every year, but they pay less taxes than others. If anything they should pay the same percentage that the middle class pays, not a less amount. The middle class pays more taxes than the other two classes which is not fair to them. For example, as stated by Joseph Carroll “The public is almost evenly divided as to whether Middle- income people are paying too much (47%) Or their fair share (44%) in federal incomes taxes, with only 7% says they pay too little” (Carroll 3). This is also not fair to the lower class because they cannot pay as much because of their income. The upper class are being devious through the tax system. So with that being said, the middle class is being treated unfairly and not equal to the other working classes in the taxation system. The taxation system is unfair and outdated because, the more income one brings in, the more the government takes out. The government takes a lot of taxes out citizens pay checks depending on
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