Taxol’s Effect on Rates of Tip Growth and Nuclei Position in Neurospora Crassa

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The purpose of the study was to detect the rates of hyphal tip growth and nuclei position of N. crassa in influence of drug medium, Taxol. The results of the experiments show that the rate of hyphal tip growth and nuclei position are much lower in drug medium than in the control. Taxol have different effect on growth of tip and distance travelled by nuclei. Moreover, the rate at which the nuclei displace and growth of the tips are dependent on the medium and not on each other. Thus, the results conclude that drug effected fungus affects the tip growth rate and nuclei displacement. INTRODUCTION The purpose of the experiment is to study the hyphal tip growth, and to observe the effects of a drug on the tip growth and the
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White-nose syndrome is a disorder connected to exceptional bat transience event in several areas of North America. In the study conducted by Blehert et al (2009), bats declines beyond 75% from winter 2006 to 2007. The fungal growths on their muzzles, ears, and/or wing membranes of the bats, cause them to collapse (Blehert et al. 2009). Thus, this experiment was done as research methods for inhibiting the growth, investigating factors affect the growth and to prevent the growth of the tip. The null hypothesis states that Taxol will not have an effect on the fungal hyphal growth and the position of nucleus and the position of the nucleus will not change as the tip will grow. The alternative hypothesis states that Taxol will have an effect on the hyphal growth and nuclei position. Once treated with Taxol, the cells may not grow as fast or even cause any growth at all because of its ability to interfere with cell division.
For this experiment, 3 best slides were used as a control and then as with drug. After measuring the rate from growth medium slide, drug was then added to the same slide. So, control is used as comparison. Moreover, drug concentration and growth medium concentrations were consistent each other. In order to achieve the results, hyphae tip was measured for every minute for 10 minute on 10x bright field microscopy; and nuclei position was measured every minute for 5 minutes on 10x fluorescent microscopy. The data then

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