Taxonomy Is Business And Technology Assessment Essay

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Though most study claims the fact that users use both taxonomy navigation and search in combination when they are available, in content management system, an effective taxonomy helps users to navigate to the documents in which they are interested in, rather than doing a search. Having an effective taxonomy also helps the user to assess whether a document is relevant for what they are trying to accomplish (Hanley, n.d). First step in designing this taxonomy is Business and Technology assessment. A Business Assessment is constructed in a way that it can provide an objective view of any business both financially and operationally. It mainly focuses on strength and opportunities for the improvement of the business and ultimately to increase the overall market value (Plethora Businesses, n.d). A business process is a brief description of the work carried out by an organization. It describes the collection of tasks performed by an organization towards a specific goal (product or service) for a customer or a set of customers. These individual tasks are connected as a workflow and captured on the information systems and applications. This business process description gives a picturized way of the organization’s operations and information flow. This helps in taking decision towards any organizational as well as operational improvements. This will also help to evaluate the value produced by information technology in supporting business operations. Overall it supports both
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