Taylor Sanders : A Case

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Taylor Sanders is a 17 year old Caucasian female, residing in Western Maryland. Taylor is from Northeastern Maryland. Upon relocating to Western Maryland, Taylor lived with her adoptive family until her mother filed theft charges and could not handle multiple maladaptive behaviors. Due to the filed charges, Taylor is a Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) client.
Initially, DJS referred Taylor to San Mar Children’s Home Bowman House (main group home). In March 2014, Taylor transferred to the Barr House when a residential bed was available. The Barr House provided more structure than the main group home, with intense services. Taylor was unable to complete the program due to Barr House closing in November 2014. San Mar decided to transition Taylor into their Treatment Foster Care program, as the client’s options for placement were limited. Taylor was placed with the Millers’ family. The client’s honeymoon mood period was over; she AWOLed early January 2015 and the foster mother requested removal from her home. The foster mother did not realize the challenges with Taylor were greater than she expected. Taylor continued to hoard food and destroyed furniture in her room, used excessive foul language, struggled with personal hygiene, steal, and angry outbursts. In addition, the adoptive mother interfered with multiple phone calls and text messages; this was too much for the Millers. Three days later, Taylor was placed in her future foster home which looks hopeful. If the client
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