Taylor 's Campaign : The Homeless

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Taylor’s Campaign: The Homeless
Kristal Lopez
California State University, Fullerton
Sociology 371 Section 02

Homeless are people who do not have the basic necessities to survive which leads them to living on the streets. In places like Santa Monica there are many homeless and rather than the city addressing the problem they are just making it like it doesn’t exist. Forcing the homeless to fix the situation when they are not able to get through. Middle class Santa Monica residents see the homeless as a burden that they wish they did not exist. Since, they continue to be a dilemma some have even considered being homeless should be a crime since they continue to invade public space. The way we treat the issue is made to seem as if it cannot be resolved. One way that may help is solve this predicament is if the government intervenes in helping the homeless and in return once they stop being homeless they have to help over homeless. Not only should the government help them, but also so should the community by being their voice and letting know how important it is to solve the current situation.

Taylor’s Campaign: The Homeless
The Homeless are people who live on the streets because of their limited resources. Studying the homeless becomes complicated because there is poor data. It is difficult to keep track of the homeless population. They move from place to place not because they chose to, but because they are forced. Also to prevent this from happening…
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