Taylor 's Campaign : The Homeless

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Taylor’s Campaign: The Homeless Kristal Lopez California State University, Fullerton Sociology 371 Section 02 Abstract Homeless are people who do not have the basic necessities to survive which leads them to living on the streets. In places like Santa Monica there are many homeless and rather than the city addressing the problem they are just making it like it doesn’t exist. Forcing the homeless to fix the situation when they are not able to get through. Middle class Santa Monica residents see the homeless as a burden that they wish they did not exist. Since, they continue to be a dilemma some have even considered being homeless should be a crime since they continue to invade public space. The way we treat the issue is made to seem as…show more content…
Homeless tend to be put into four different categories. The first category is the older alcoholic with personal problems. The second category is the deinstitutionalized bag lady. Next is the disorganized drug-taking panhandler. Finally, the homeless that tend to be just like you and me and are only in their situation outta luck. What seems to be the most difficult situation is that they are not given the necessary attention to solve the issue. The homeless face a daily struggle especially because those who do have a home consider them a burden to society. The middle class residents of San Monica want nothing to do with them. The homeless for the most part tend to not bother anybody, unless they are asking for money, but even then they try to earn money on their own. When the public was asked what they thought about the homeless they considered them a waste of space and human life. Some people believe that giving free things to the homeless is not correct because it enables. They think if free things are given to them that they will continue to be lazy and will not want to prosper on their own. They see the homeless community as intimidating. Also the public is mad because others associate homelessness with Santa Monica. While other people do not like the issue, they wish the homeless did not bother them and the issue did not exist. The city of Santa Monica made a video about how people should no
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