Taylor's Principles of Management Essay

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In this 21st century, management has been observed as both art and science (Reh, 2010). It is an art as it helps people to be more innovative, creative, and effective on doing their job, compare with the previous time when people would have been doing their job without applying the knowledge of management. Likewise, management can be considered as a science in how managers will be able to manage people and help them to involve further and to be more effective. The term of manager here refers to the person who responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when it necessary (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2008). Taylor‘s four principles has been used in many …show more content…
It connotes that worker only have a broad knowledge application that is not strictly accurate or reliable relative to the organization’s requirement, will be given a clear understanding and description of their work requirements and the work will be planned out by management at least one day in advance (Freeman, 1996, P. 35). Mr. U suggested that work review should be done every month by General Manager and director, while counseling and coaching by manager should be done any time when it is necessary. In order to give a clear understanding, counseling, and coaching of the job to workers, a middle level manager such as Mr. U has to be able to work beneficially together and understand other workers which will ensure the achievement of organization’s goal. From the acknowledgment, it shows that Taylor’s first principle is applicable and useful in this organization. The importance of understanding other workers can be seen from the questionnaire where Mr. U describes that interpersonal skills are significant. This shows correlation between Taylor’s first principle and Katz

Interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills can be defined as an ability to create and maintain a trusting and open relationship among workers (Peterson & Fleet, 2004, P.1303). In order to have a good human interaction and relation between

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