Taylor's Scientific Management Approach

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The aim of this essay is to describe and evaluate the application of Taylors Scientific Management approach by the chosen manager in his organization and in the 21st century and to discuss about the relevancy of this management approach with the manager. Taylor’s Scientific Management method marked the beginning of modern management in 1911. Taylor came up with this management approach to reduce the inefficiency in the workplace. Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory involves the implementation of scientific methods to illustrate the “one best way” of doing a specific job. According to Nawaz (2011), “Frederick Taylor thought that there was one and only one method of work that maximized the competence or efficiency” (p. 5542). Many managers…show more content…
McDonalds is a fast food restaurant chain and has more than 33000 outlets all over the world that serve 68 million customers everyday (Bhasin, 2012). McDonald’s objective is to provide prompt service and value to customers. Donald Thompson is responsible for managing the daily operations and strategies of the global business of McDonalds (Bhasin, 2012). Donald Thompson and his team work closely with people who control the functioning of 80% of the outlets all around the world as well as suppliers, employees and corporate staff Donald Thompson sets goals and standards for McDonalds and ensures that they are met and followed in each and every McDonald’s branch. In addition, he makes decision on opening new outlets and on implementing employee training schemes or bonuses. Moreover, he deals with other financial issues and represents the company in every aspect. Thompson ensures that customers receive quality service and to do this he has implemented the Taylor’s scientific management theory in his organization. To have a closer look at how Taylors Scientific approach blends with McDonalds, we will have a step-by-step look at each of the principles of Taylor’s scientific…show more content…
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