Taylor’s Scientific Management

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The innovation of the world today is towards its deal of materialistic presence of flow of nature. This era of modernization and innovation of the world as at its present view of today has given a chance and has helped to promote organizations whom seek to improve their businesses through efficiency and effectiveness with the help of the classical management theory which is Taylor’s management. Before getting into the depths about Taylor’s Management, let’s get a glimpse about the idea of management. Management is elaborated as an individual or a group of people that can take and follow the responsibilities to run a business or an organization in order to achieve the objectives and goals (Kaylan city life, 2011). The concept of management…show more content…
Besides that, through systematically analyzing and interpreting the relationship between the worker and the task hence redesigning it will ensure the maximum potential of efficiency of an employee can produce in an outcome (Swinton.L, n.d). The theory of this concept is that to spot the weakness of a company and to replace it with strength types of approaches in order to increase the opportunity of the company to produce a better production. As an example, using a bigger shovel to scoop more grains as this will increase the amount of grains lifted at one time will be much more rather than using a small shovel which will cause even longer time and work force. General Electric is one of the organizations that have implemented this theory with the presence of Jack Welch as the CEO of this business. This approach has boosted General Electrics profit from $24 billion to $74 billion (MBA Knowledge Base, 2013).
Furthermore, having a written procedure of each task will ensure the efficiency and effectiveness improvement in a company (Swinton.L, n.d). A written rules policy or procedure will give a guarantee towards our aim as each and every progressed work will be deliberately followed by the supervision and quality control. This closely followed plan will make sure that every employee puts out his or her maximum performance in order to give a good source of applicable production source. Guinness Anchor Berhad is one of
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