Tay's Racism

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Microsoft's Hitler robot Tay is back yet again, and it's more racist than ever. Last week, Tay was released to simulate a teenager on Twitter. Well one thing for certain, Tay certainly nails down the narrow-minded, sassy quality that seems to permeate through every teen these days. RACIST TWITTER ROBOT COMES TO LIFE Microsoft's A.I hasn't been exactly hip with the Twitter crowd since it got its own account last week. The racist bot Tay is apparently fluent in slang, emoji, and memes, but seems a bit confused how to use them. Designed to learn from and respond to users, Tay took to Twitter with the fury only a real millennial could understand. What started out as a successful Microsoft endeavor, quickly turned into a troll fed free for all.…show more content…
Have they even read Twitter? As one on would imagine, once trolls on the social media site realized their power, a series of racist sexist and Hitler like phrases were fed to Tay. In turn, Tay learned from the phrases and spit back some serious sass. Just like a concerned parent, Microsoft had to step in and ground Tay, shutting her down for some
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