Tb Case Studies

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Amy, great presentation on TB. The presentation seemed to be very through and cover information about TB well. I appreciate this information. I used to float at the clinic that I work at and it was always intimidating when and individual would be coming into infectious disease for TB. I was not aware of the correlation between TB and AIDs, but it makes since. Many of the risk factors that you have listed did seem to be present with many of the patients that we saw for TB. Other groups that seem to have a high rate of TB are homeless people, immunocompromised individuals, and injection drug users. I was familiar with TB being more prevalent in immunocompromised individuals in general because when we gave routine immunocompromising medications a TB test had to be completed yearly. This is because Illinois and our county are at high risk.…show more content…
The FDA has approved this test for TB testing. The CDC states that the advantages of the quant gold test are that there is only one visit required and this is a blood draw so risk of not performing the test correctly is not as high. In the infusion center it was common for some nurses to not get a bleb which could indicate that the serum was not given intradermally and will not allow for accurate results. The chest x-ray was always ordered if either of these came back
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