Tb Is A Disease That Affects The Lungs And Other Parts Of The Body

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(TB) is a disease that affects the lungs and other parts of the body. It can be fatal in late cases. TB is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. *Mycobacterium tuberculosis Stages of TB: There are two stages of TB the infected patient goes through. The first stage is latent TB infection (LTBI), in this condition the bacteria can live in the body without making it sick, and the infected person can not spread the infection to others. Also, the body is able to fight the bacteria and stop them from growing by develops an immune response that controls the bacteria by walling it off inside the body. Because of the response of the immune system, the bacteria become dormant or asleep. However, if the person 's immune system…show more content…
Where health care provider may do further investigation to determine the type of TB the person has. Tuberculin Skin Test: TB skin test also called a purified protein derivative tests PPD. It is performed by injecting a small amount of PPD solution on the dermis. Also, most people previously infected with TB develop a skin reaction 48 to 72 hours after the PPD solution is injected under the skin. The skin is examined to determine if there is induration. healthcare provider interprets the test as positive or negative based on the size of the induration, not redness. However, the result of TB skin test does not tell if the person has active TB or LTBI, it indicates the TB bacteria are in the body. In addition, anyone who has a positive TB skin test needs additional tests, for example, chest X-ray test, to determine if the bacteria active or latent. Chest X- ray Test: Chest X-ray test is used to indicate pulmonary tuberculosis. The picture of the X- ray will show some light areas (opacities) of different size that run together. In addition, X-ray test show damage in the lungs, so the patient might need further tests to prove the infection such as sputum and culture tests. Some features of active TB is the presence of apical opacity in the right lung apex. TB blood tests: TB blood test also called interferon-gamma release assays
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