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Maya is a young, 13 year old girl in 7th grade. Recently, her grandmother was brought to the hospital for her last days of life. Maya had scheduled a day to see her, but on the same day, she has a TCAP test that she can’t miss. There are no other days that she can visit her grandmother, because 1, she is trying to stay in school to study for the test, and 2, on the day Maya had scheduled to see her, is the day she is expected to die. * * * Maya sat at her desk at school, flipping through the pages of her notebook, trying to find notes for her huge upcoming test. She finds a page about Language Arts and how to properly write essays and begins to study the page. As she was studying her Language Arts notes, a beep comes from the speaker above her, on the ceiling. Maya looks up from her paper,…show more content…
Or try her very hardest on her TCAP test for a good education? Maya got up and got a change of clothes and changed into them. She walked into her mother’s room quietly, trying not to wake her if she was sleeping. Her mother was getting ready for the day, brushing her hair and putting on makeup.

Maya decided to ask her mother what would be best to do today. “Mom, do you think I should do the TCAP today, or visit grandma?” She asked. Her mother gave a shrug in response. “What do you want to do? Do you want to take the test? Or visit your grandmother on her last day? Both are good, you’ll get a great education if you take the test, and you’ll also be able to visit your grandmother on her last day of life?” Her mother asked. Maya still didn’t really know what to do. She stood in thought for a while and finally made up her mind.

“I’ll go see grandma today. I’ll be able to take the part of the test I missed during lunch or something, but I’ll never be able to see grandma again, so I think it’s best to see her on her last day.” Maya told her mother her choice. Her mother smiled at her. “Good point and good
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