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Tackling Concussions and CTE “Head On” In a study of 92 former NFL players, it was found that a total of 88 (96%) of them were afflicted with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE (Tyler). With such a high percentage of former NFL players suffering from this disease, one would think solid efforts would be being put forward towards a cure, or that a cure may even have already been found. But this is not the case. Very little is known about this disease, and there is no known cure for it yet. As the leading influence in the game of football, the NFL has the moral responsibility to fund research and put forth an effort towards reducing the risk of and eventually eliminating head trauma in the game of football. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy…show more content…
It has been found that the average high school football player receives somewhere near 650 hits to the head each season (Tyler). Imagine the impact this has on the brain. Then imagine how much worse the impact must be when getting hit by highly trained, full grown men. The NFL for the longest time would have liked us to think differently. “According to the doctors in the NFL’s employ, playing a game involving violent, head first collisions had no connection to future brain injuries,” reports “The Progressive” in their article “High Price of Concussions”. Finally, in 2009, “(the National Football League) acknowledged publicly for the first time that concussions suffered while playing football…show more content…
When you look at the amount of money the NFL stands to lose from fans who refuse to watch and attend games, purchase merchandise and spend money on the NFL in any way, plus the money taken in past lawsuits and lawsuits guaranteed to come in the future, it would do the NFL some good to just set aside a portion of the budget towards funding concussion and CTE research. “On one side we have the raiders. No, not Oakland, but the trial lawyers, who delight in raiding everything good in America. They are representing former NFL players against the evil empire, aka the National Football League. At stake? Upwards of $10 billion, and possibly, the existence of the NFL itself” (Friend). This quote is explaining the lawsuit being brought forth by former NFL players who claim that “the NFL hid information linking football related head trauma to permanent brain injuries” (Freind). While it may not be true that the NFL “hid” information about head trauma from its players, they most certainly did very little to fix the problem, treating it with apparent indifference. Indifference that comes with a $10 billion price tag. If they had chosen to put that money towards research and helping players who suffer from CTE, they could have spent less overall than they are currently trying to appease injured players, and looked better in the eyes of their
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