Tchaikovsky Personal Statement

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I grew up going to Wichita schools until the sixth grade, and from there onto high school I went to Eureka, which is a little over an hour northeast of Wichita. This is my fourth and last semester here at Butler, and I will be attending WSU come spring time. I’ve been working as a server at Red Lobster for over three years now. I am a Spanish major and will be adding a minor in Russian as well once I transfer over to WSU. I aspire to be an interpreter, or a translator (but preferably an interpreter), and eventually work with the CIA or UN. I’m highly considering joining the Peace Corps after graduation before any of that though, and spend some time teaching English as a second language. My musical tastes cover basically everything except…show more content…
I really love facts, so I look forward to gaining tidbits and information about the songs I’ve been listening to for years. Just overall better understand and appreciate music in general, but really this genre. Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite composers, I’ve been in love with his Nutcracker Suite for as long as I can remember, so I would love to learn more about him and his music. I find the British invasion and how it drastically changed our culture fascinating, so I wouldn’t mind learning more about that. I’ve recently started getting into the 40s so I would love to learn about more musicians/composers like Glenn Miller, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, etc. I don’t believe there’s really anything else the class would care to know about me. Well actually, my uncle and his family has a couple of connections to the Beatles that I consider to be pretty cool. They own an apartment in the same building where Paul McCartney has one in NYC (sadly I never ran into him on the elevator), and they’re really close friends with Yoko Ono and I narrowly missed an opportunity to have tea with her in the apartment she and Lennon lived in. But that’s more so about my uncle than me, I
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