Tchaikovsky Research Paper

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Once being presented with this opportunity to write this paper I found it as a wonderful opportunity to express my opinion on two different musical greats. The one that I decided to choose for the old would have to be Tchaikovsky, and for the new by far my favorite choice would be the beetles. The selection of these two specific artist was almost a no brainer for me, they embody the perfect blend of inspirational music that delivers a specific, yet powerful message, both artist belong to different genres one from a classical genre and one from a more modern form of music.Also, both these artists viewed music regardless of the genre as a form of communicating a message to the masses, in the beetles era war was occurring in the world and in terms of Tchaikovsky he was one of the best ballet composers of his…show more content…
The modern group the beetles did get influenced in a way by baroque music of the classic composers, in todays era it is known a baroque rock music, which in many ways is used in both pop and rock music in todays modern music. Lastly, todays music has most probably become shorter because in a way we have become addicted to skipping music and not remaining focused on one specific song for way to long, in other words we easily get bored of a certain song and we no longer feel the need to listen to it any longer, if todays music was as long as classical music I believe that it would not be very popular with any generation, and thus causing music to no be very relevant in todays society. In conclusion, it was a wonderful experience being able to bring to light two different musical greats, who many believe have no relevancy with each other, but through my eyes relevancy can be found in many different places even in those that seem
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