Tcp And Transmission Control Protocol

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TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is connection oriented and reliable service widely used in internet. TCP offers error correction and the protocol offers guaranteed delivery. This is because of the property which TCP has, that is flow control. It determines when the data needs to be resent and stops the flow of data unless the previous transferred data has been successfully transferred. This is because of the congestion control where the packets of data sent may collide. Congestion control occurs if the client requests the data from the server and there is any collision, there will be a re-request where the whole data is transferred complete and identical to the original as requested. TCP provides a connection oriented service. Connection oriented means, two different applications using TCP. Considering client and server model, they must establish a TCP with each other before any data can be exchanged. TCP also provides reliable service. This service can be offered by the following ways: * The data which is to be exchanged can be broken into bits and sent over to receive at other end. This process is called segment. * A timer is maintained every time when TCP sends a segment in order to acknowledge the reception. If the acknowledgement is not received the data is resent again until an acknowledgement is received. * TCP does an end to end checksum by maintaining checksum on header and data to make sure that no alterations have been done to the data. * The flow control
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