Tcp / Ip Protocol And The Expansion Of The Internet Essay

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TCP/IP’s Role in the Expansion of the Internet The internet as we know it is still fairly young, but has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a network for the defense department and for research. The main catalyst for the explosion of the internet as we know it today was the tcp/ip protocol. This protocol allowed networks spread over great distances to be connected and communicate as if they are in the same location. This was one of the things that made the tcp/ip protocol so important to both the defense department and later to the business world when the protocol was made available for commercial use and then later when it turned into what it is today. The expansion of tcp/ip to the commercial world was not without its issues though. This paper will discuss the history of the tcp/ip framework and how it has evolved into the internet that we are used to. History of the TCP/IP framework The TCP/IP protocol was first developed by two scientist working for DARPA back in early 70’s. The purpose of this protocol was to allow networks to be able to communicate regardless of the equipment and configuration of the distant network. The goal was to allow for packets sent to be automatically be retransmitted if errors occurred. TCP/IP protocol is actual a combination of two protocols the first is transmission control protocol or as it was originally known as the transmission control program and the second being IP or internet protocol as the underlying method that the
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