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|Company Research and Informational Interview | [pic] TD CANADA TRUST TD Canada Trust TD Canada Trust provides a full range of financial products and services to personal and small business customers. As a leading customer services provider, TD Canada Trust offers anywhere, anytime banking solutions through telephone and internet banking, more than 2,600 ABMs and a network of approximately 1,100 branches across Canada. Vision Statement: TD Canada trust visions “To Be the Better Bank” Company Values: At TD Canada Trust, the values are: Honesty To build honest relationships through open communications with all people interacting with the…show more content…
Q: Tell me how you got started in this field? What was your education? What educational background or related experience might be helpful in entering this field? A: An Investment Consultant typically holds a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, investment analysis or taxation. A Liberal arts major or a job seeker with a lower degree also may enter the field, provided he receives practical training. An investment consultant who has major managerial responsibilities, or advises clients or families with high net worth, usually has a master's degree in finance or taxation. Some wealth managers with prior public accounting experience may have certified public accountant (CPA) licenses. 2. Q: What are the daily duties of the job? A: An investment consultant reviews a client's personal financial statements, scales income and expense levels and evaluates the risk profile. A client's risk profile indicates whether he/she prefers risky investments such as stocks or favors less-risky assets such as bonds or Treasury notes. A private banker evaluates a client's cash availability and then recommends investment strategies based on the risk profile. A personal financial adviser also may advise a customer on tax-saving strategies. So in the end, it’s about telling the client how to investment their money, based on their capital.

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