Tda 2.1 Child and Young Person Development

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Age(Years) | Physical Development | Communication And Intellectual Development | Social, Emotional And Behavioural Development | 0-3 | From birth to 12 months is a fast period of physical development. When first born babies have very little control over their bodies, they depend upon a series of reflexes for movement, however over the first 12 months they will learn how to control their bodies and by 12 months should be able to crawl or roll. By the age of 2 a baby would have developed quickly and learned how to walk, point, grasp, feed themselves and possibly also dress themselves. By the age of 3 a child will have defined their motor skills and will have more control over holding pencils and turning pages in a book. Children will…show more content…
As for the social, emotional and behavioural aspects of this disability, the child will find it hard to communicate with its peers if they are not in a school dedicated to deaf students, and when out of the family home and school life will feel isolated, and sometimes become reluctant to socialise with others because of fear and frustration of not being able to communicate effectively .
Premature babies can develop hearing and sight problems
Service Families
Children whom are in service families are open to learning new languages
Parental Time
Time without a parents encouragement via reading etc.
Family Problems
Split in marriages, new siblings ect
Long term illness
Lack of Routine
No set bedtimes, meal times ect

Task 2

It is very important to be able to recognise and respond to concerns about the development of children and young people as their health and development will impact on their future life.

For example, Genie Wiley, whom is the child who was locked up and tied to a toileting chair in a room on her own for 13 years as her father believed she had a disability. This act of isolation has had a detrimental effect on her development. When Genie was found she was unable to walk properly, was unable to eat solid food and could not talk, this was believed to be because indications showed
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