Tda 2.1

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TDA 2.1
A child’s development are all interconnected. Different aspects of development can affect one another.
Development is holistic, which means one area of development interlinks with another. If a a child's speech is not as developed as its peers due to a physical disability they will not be able to communicate effectively with other children or adults. This could affect their emotional development as they may feel their opinion and needs are not being met due to their failure to communicate.
Their Social development may be affected if they have a Physical disability e.g. cerebral palsy, a long term injury, a chronic illness, malnutrition or spinabifider as this may mean that they can not go out and play and struggle to
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If a child is living in poverty statistically they are more likely to to suffer ill health in later life and also be unemployed and turn to crime and substance abuse this will then cause their children to then suffer and the cycle continues.
If a child grows up living in poverty then the child’s health may be affected. This could be down to poor or unbalanced diet. If a child has a bad diet then various conditions may occur such as :- Nutritional anaemia this is due in lack of iron folic acid and vitamin B12.
Tooth decay caused by lack of dental hygiene and eating to many sugary sweets or drinking to much fizzy drinks.
Obesity is caused by an unbalanced diet and eating to many high in fat foods. Children who are obese are more likely to become obese adults.
Children who are in poor health are more prone to infection and illness as their immune system will be low and could be prone to scabies, stomach upsets, and any other child hood illness.
Lack of sleep will affect a child’s development. A child needs sufficient sleep to be able to concentrate and be able to learn. Lack of sleep can also cause emotional, social and behavioural problems, this is because if a child is
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