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Leaning outcome 1 Be able to support the teacher in planning learning activities. 1.1 Describe how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities. In the role of a teaching assistant, you will be contributing to planning, delivery and reviewing of learning activities alongside teachers. When planning takes place there should be some opportunity to discuss and review pupils’ work with teachers. Panning, teaching and reviewing follow a cycle which gives structure to the learning process. The teacher may have plans for long/medium term and that the Teaching assistant is involved in short/daily plans, or for individual sessions. By knowing the learning objectives you will…show more content…
Although teachers plan carefully, the tasks set may be at the wrong level for the pupils you are supporting. In this situation you may adapt the work to a suitable level so that it more of a challenge or altered so it is at a level that is achievable by the pupils. Also you may be working with a group whose abilities are quite varied meaning some may finish before others, it is important that you have something else for them to move on to. You should inform the teacher after the activity if you have to do this. Learners There may be a variety of reasons why pupils are not able to achieve. This may be caused by; • Lack of concentration: there may be multiple reasons for pupils finding it difficult to concentrate on the work they have been given. The work may be at the wrong level for them and it may need modifying to suit their academic level. Some children have a short attention span and the work may be taking too long to complete. There is also the possibility of issues at home or they may have fallen out with friends. You may have to talk to the pupil on their own to see why they cannot focus as their may be an underlying problem. • Poor behaviour: If any of the pupils are not focused due to poor behaviour you need to intervene straightaway. If pupils are able to continue interrupting they will do so. Always praise the good behaviour of pupils who are doing what they need to. As a last resort, if one particular pupil

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