Tda 3.1 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adultstda

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Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.

1.1 It is essential to pupils learning and development that relationships are forged between them and teaching assistants. Effective communication is important because by building sound relationships, children build confidence and are then more likely to access all areas of the curriculum. It is also important to model good relationships with other people in front of children because this is one of the ways that children and young people learn how to build and develop relationships outside of the class room. Good communication is the key to building positive relationships, allowing children to learn and understand effectively how to communicate with
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1.3 Different factors effect how we communicate differently. For example, a student who I work with comes from a family of travellers and recently their was a small dispute between the school and the parents over how little time the child was attending school for. Child X would often miss five days at a time of school and would therefore miss out on vital parts of the curriculum. When the head arranged a meeting with child X’s family to discuss this situation, it was met with a very negative response and a view that ‘their child did not need a full education because the child would one day work in a trade where it would not use any of the skills or academic knowledge learnt at school.’ This is an example of a situation where the way in which you communicate would be different. A lot more time and patience was needed in order to make the family understand the crucial need for a child to attend school. It was also a very slow process to build a positive relationship with the family due to such a negative opinion of the national curriculum.

Another example of how different social and cultural differences effect the way people communicate is a parent of a pupil I work quite closely with can not read. This is a social difference because it effects the way she communicates socially with other parents at the school and also the staff who work their. We can not communicate with this
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