Essay about Tda 3.2, Schools as Organisations

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TDA 3.2 (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) Part 1 Produce a flow chart outlining the structure of education from early years to post sixteen. Add an explanation of the entitlement of early year’s education and characteristics of different types of school. Flow Chart outlining structure from early years to post 16 years [pic] Early Years Foundation Stage (eyfs) In the education system of this country children do not have to attend school until they are 5 years old but at the age of 2 years children can attend pre schools and from the age of 3 years families are entitled to 15 hours of free flexible schooling where they can choose which days suit them best to send their child to a pre school of their choice with…show more content…
A trust school also allows the parents of the school to have their input into the decision making process. Trust schools usually have a business or educational charity (charitable trust) who aims to raise the standards and explore and exploit new procedures and methods. Voluntary Aided Schools With V.A. schools a charity which is often a religious organisation owns the land and the buildings of the school and they make a contribution to the maintenance and up keep costs. Most V.A. schools are religious or faith schools but anyone can apply to attend. The governing body employ the staff and they also decide the admission criteria. Voluntary Controlled Schools V.C. schools are run by the local authority who will appoint some of the members of the governing body, a charity usually a religious organisation own the land in which the school sits along with the buildings, as with Community schools the L.A. employ the staff and set the standards that are used to decide admission into the school. Academies These are publicly funded independent schools; they are free from the local authority and national government control, because of this they can set their own pay along with staff conditions. Academies set their own curriculum, term time and length of school days. Free Schools These are for all abilities and they are state funded schools, they are free from the local authority and are set up in response
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