Essay on Tda 3.2 Schools as Organisations

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TDA 3.2 Schools as Organisations.

TDA 3.2-1.1
Summarise entitlement and provision for early year’s education. Thanks to the Every Child Matters and the Childcare Act 2006 all 3 and 4 years olds in England receive free part-time (12 ½ per week) for 38 weeks a year. This is government funded and the idea is for all children to have 2 years of free education before they even start school. Early year’s provision for these very young children varies greatly from the education they will receive in KS1 as it is play focused as opposed to formal learning, which is how these very young children learn best. The Foundation Curriculum in England and Wales runs from age 3-5 and is therefore implemented in nursery schools right up
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The September Guarantee
Under the last Labour government, the guarantee was as follows: * Full or part-time education in school, Sixth Form College, independent learning provider or Further Education College. * An Apprenticeship or programme-led Apprenticeship, which must include both the training element and a job or work placement. * Entry to employment. * Employment with training to NVQ level2.
Heinemann Work-based Learning Level 3 Diploma
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Primary)
Louise Burnham and Brenda Baker 2010
Page 16.

TDA 3.2-2.1
Explain the strategic purpose of school governors; senior management team; other statutory roles e.g., SENCO; teachers and support staff roles.
School governors are a group of people (usually between 10 – 20) who run the school. They are made up of various people who have links with the school and the community. There should be at least one parent and one staff member as well as the Head Teacher. Usually there is a support staff member, a local authority member and a local community governor who work or live in the area. Governors work alongside the Head and are based on different committees and are responsible for different areas of school management – school site, personnel issues or community cohesion. They will usually meet in these committees and report to the full governing body. Their main duties are to set aims and objectives, adopt policies
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