Tda32-5.3 Evaluate How School Policies and Procedures May Be Developed and Communicated

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Every school and business must have policies and procedures in place. A school's policies and procedures are adopted from laws passed by the Government. These are in place to ensure the school is run correctly, and that staff, pupils, and any other individuals involved with the school are protected and meeting expectations and guidelines. There are usually a large number of policies in place within a school. These can include policies such as Child Protection, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Confidentiality, Anti-Bullying, Teaching and Learning, Homework, and many more. These policies and procedures are relevant to staff, pupils and parents. These policies must be updated regularly, and some of the content revised, in order to keep them…show more content…
New and exsisting polices are put onto the school website for staff and parents to read through.Policies are important for the school to run effectively following goverment guidlines,they are important for Teachers ,students, parents so they can feel comfortable that theses are in place so there child is being taught in a safe caring environment.Teachers need to know that theses are in place for them to be able to teach in a school were they are covered are in there working enviorment e.g wage Policy ,Health and Safty, discrimination Policy ect. There is Daily e-mail to all staff each morning. The e-mail will highlight important events, remind you of tasks,and meetings. Teachers need to check their mail box daily for any corraspondance from other members of staff and Head of the school. The first aim of this step is to ensure that the working group is well informed about the policy issue/s and is aware of all potential avenues or options available to them in developing and implementing the policy. To do this you can: • talk to other schools who have developed similar policy • talk with experts • contact school systems/government departments if it is relevant — seek background information and obtain copies of relevant legislation or policies • talk with members of the school community. The second aim of this step is to inform the school community about the broad policy development process and to provide an

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