Tea Cake By Janie: A Brief Summary

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As Janie reached the end of her forties she finally meets the man of her dreams, Tea Cake. Tea Cake was about 12 years younger than Janie when they first met. It was a Sunday afternoon, everyone went to the baseball game all except Janie who was keeping watch of the store. Then a young man appears wanting to buy cigarettes, as the young man and Janie talk he says he wants to play checkers. Tea cake woes Janie in with a game of checker. There was not a single man in Eatonville that had asked Janie to play checkers with her or teach her to play. This led to each other flirting with each other, eventually Janie slowly falls in love with Tea Cake. Janie discovered things that she has never discovered before when she was with Joe and Logan. Tea…show more content…
Tea Cake was everything she wanted from a man. Tea Cake and Janie eventually get married and move to the muck to find a simple life. As Tea Cake and Janie settle into the Muck, Janie discovers different emotions that she had never before when she was in Eatonville. Janie discovers the feeling of jealousy, when a different woman was flirting with Tea Cake. Even though the Muck wasn’t as comfortable as Eatonville, she found it to be more enjoyable. The community loved her and Tea Cake, the Muck was a place that Janie enjoyed with Tea Cake. Janie thought everything was going to go well until the great storm hit. Many people didn’t believe in the great storm that was coming. When the storm hit Janie and Tea Cake weren't prepared for the flood, Tea Cake eventually getting bitten by a rabid dog. As 3 weeks pass the symptom starts to show as Tea Cake started to hallucinate and becomes dehydrated. Janie trying to get all the help she can eventually has to shoot Tea Cake out of self defense. Janie perfected marriage that she had hoped for ended in a tragedy, Tea Cake fulfilled Janie wishes of the “horizon” that she was looking
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