Tea Crops Lead to Deforestation Essay

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Local land changes have left everlasting impacts on global commodities which contributes to the scrutiny of both the developing and developed nations. Although tea has fundamentally become one of the most sought after commodities not only here in North America; it has also sparked and gained a global desire as well. Conceived from the plant Camellia Sinensis and extracted from various countries throughout the world, we see the demand increasing by the day. This increase shows the importance and value in an escalating manner. On the other side of the curtain or behind the backs of consumers; some to the disarray may not be accustomed to or even brought to terms with land changing impacts? In fact, it’s quite interesting the…show more content…
There are many pressing concerns that need to be addressed for tea production such as the unforeseen land use impacts of deforestation and how maintaining these cash crops in fact is an issue. Deforestation is attributable to the extraction and production processes of tea during the point of drying the leaves to produce the tea itself but also the effect of water catchment loss and loss of habitat losses. Through the use of independent studies one is able to discover come to the realm of the issues to see in fact who should actually be concerned. These issues are compounded by changes in land use/land cover, which in turn are driven mainly by economic population growth, and urbanization. Through the land changing impacts it trickles down even through the smallest of cases all the way to the consumer’s hands or cup. There are also pressing concern, about erosion and degradation to the soil by which these tea plants are being grown in such large quantities. These concerns will address how producers are able to stay afloat, but also to keep consumers on board to promote social and economic sufficient practices to the availability of the commodity. How long do these tea producing countries want to rely on degrading their soils for the exports of their primary goods? Tea is used as a cash crop which means tea is grown in the periphery areas of Africa, Asia, and sold to other countries through exportation.
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