Tea Leaves Supply Issues At Tam

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Tea Leaves Supply Issues at Tea and More (TAM)
Jack Reynolds, the owner of Tea and More has issues trying to get more of his TAM product teas out to customers. Competitors are using lower prices and better productivity to get their teas to the store shelves quicker. Jack has asked his staff to come together to solve the supply issues and become a better efficient company.
Case Name: Supply Issues at TAM
I. Major Facts
a. Jack Reynolds needs to listen to his staff subject matter experts (SMEs) to help the company strive once again.
b. The shipment and supply of tea from overseas suppliers has been irresponsible in meeting the needs of TAM. This has made Jack choose the Earl Morgan Limited (EML) company for supplies.
c. The production facility has moved from Los Angeles, CA to Cleveland, OH which has caused shipment issues.
d. Sales representatives and the Production Chief tea guru remained at the Los Angeles offices causing both communication and regular inventory problems to retail stores.
I. Major Problem The major problem for TAM is that the company has a supply chain issue that begins with the production chief tea guru and sales representative’s inventory ordering in Los Angeles, CA. It then continues with the production and shipment of exotic teas from ELM to the production facility in Cleveland, OH. The shipment of the teas to the retails stores are not being efficiently restocked in a proficient time frame.

II. Possible Solutions
a. Sales staff and the…
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