Teacher Assistant Level 3 Module 1 Assingment

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Assignment 1 Question 1: Give examples of how would you plan activities: First knowing the subject, then deciding the length of the lesson and which key stage is it aimed for. Writing the teaching objectives and the learning outcomes, what the pupils will be able to do at the end of the lesson. Figure what would be the best resources to use for the topic, this could be a projector, toys, photocopies, flashcards, etc. Plan the activities, commencing with a starter for the whole class to familiarise with the topic and finding what they already know about it. Then following with an introduction of the subject and and activity for the whole class, then asking questions and develop the topic, maybe in small groups, for a longer period of…show more content…
I also must check the pupils work, if necessary help them to catch up, encourage them to correct their own mistakes and provide them with support to learn independently. In order to do that I must develop a positive working relationship with the pupils. That can be achieved by listening to them, gaining their trust and confidence, always respecting and valuing them, knowing that children must be safe at all times. Other specific tasks I must do include helping the students, by taking notes for them if necessary, listening to them as they read, playing games with one individual pupil or a small group, read to them. Assisting them with special equipment. Clarifying meanings or ideas as well as activities if necessary. Refer to the teacher any problems or difficulties I cannot solve on my own Question 5: Briefly describe the role of the teaching assistant in relation to the teacher. The teacher's role is to plan lessons, direct and assess pupils learning. The role of the teaching assistant is to support the teacher in planning, delivering and evaluating learning activities and also, under the teacher's direction to give support to the class, whether it is the whole class, small groups or individuals. Question 6: Briefly outline the role and responsibilities of the headteacher; deputy/assistant
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