Teacher Assistants Or Aids? Essay

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Teacher Assistants or Aids Teacher assistants, or teacher helpers, aides, instructional aides, paraprofessionals, education assistants, and para-educators are on the lower end of the job market in the educational field. There are different jobs in this area in the school systems. Persons working these jobs can consist of high school seniors, college undergraduates, teachers with previous experience but who are looking to work in a different area, and others. The qualifications for these positions begin with organization skills, an intelligent viewpoint, and an eagerness to assist. Some of the assistants are teachers who do not possess a teaching license but want to work in their selected field. The work is both physical and mental. Aids or assistants help students by giving additional attention and instruction. They can help with lesson plans and schedules for the class. They can also serve as a teacher when the teacher is out and may be able to supervise the students by enforcing the rules and policies that the teacher has previously set in place. In addition, the assistant is sometimes required to assist in grading papers. The working hours of aids are different from those of the teacher. They usually come in for a couple of hours during the workday. The work days are regular school days with just not as many hours. The duties of the aid could range from planning instructions, creating lesson plans, enforcing rules and policies, tutoring, adjusting schedules to…
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