Teacher Classroom Preparation and Setup for a First Grade Group

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Phase 1 Learning Environment I am a believer that the environment in a classroom will not only be a place of academics, but an environment that is inclusive to fostering personal growths as well as relationships. A classroom should embrace diversity in a cultural and cognitive nature as well. I have envisioned my own classroom with 20 first grade children. The layout of the classroom I have provided is what I feel would be the way I would have the class set up for the beginning of a fall semester. As the school year progresses I will have changes and additions to the classroom as needs to be accommodated. I am also a believer to keeps students busy and engaged. This includes changing the seating arrangements every two or three weeks, this keeps the students engaged in new relationships and the dynamics of their cognitive learning with activities at a different challenge. Different students have different things to bring to a group. The physical layout of my classroom would ideally be in groups of four. I will ensure that all students will have the ability to face the front of the class where instruction is held most of the time. Half of my students will be facing the front of the classroom while the other students will still be able to face the front while having their desks at 90 degree turned. The student who is found to be a visual processing disorder will be sitting in the front and I will have this student sitting next to a general education student.
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